Vendor Managed Inventory

Bristol Hose VMI Program

When you partner with Bristol Hose and Fitting’s VMI Program, we’ll help you find ways to streamline your hydraulic hose and fitting needs. We take a hands-on role in the active management of products we provide, which can help you significantly reduce your inventory and procurement costs. We accomplish this by employing properly trained individuals with modern technology.

Allowing BHF to manage inventory reduces the number of layers in the supply chain, increases stock visibility and reduces overall inventory levels. The BHF Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program will result in reduced administrative and operating costs due to fewer order problems caused by bad data, fewer emergency orders due to stock-outs, a more consistent order process which typically lowers total order count by 4% – 6%, fewer returns of “dead” inventory created by lack of collaboration on product replacements and reduced transportation costs due to fewer emergency orders and the ability to recognize order consolidation opportunities.

Benefits of Vendor Managed Services

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Bristol Hose & Fitting carries a large selection of Parker high, medium and low-pressure hose for just about any purpose. Whether you need a different material, different temperature, even a different color we have the right selection for your application.