Equipment and Accessories

Having the right materials selected for you application is critical for safety and optimum performance. However, having the right hose assembly equipment is equally important. Weather you are looking to make hydraulic hose assemblies at you shop permanently or you looking to rent something for specific period for a job your company is preforming, Bristol Hose and Fitting can do both.

There are few critical pieces of equipment necessary for making hydraulic hose assemblies:

  • Hydraulic hose crimper: These can very in size and in power requirements depending on how large of diameter hoses that need to be crimped.
  • Crimper Dies: Tooling that goes with hose crimper to crimp each necessary size and style crimp fitting
  • Hydraulic hose cutting saw: Saws that have special blades and higher horsepower direct drive motors. These saws cut hose safely and cleanly.
  • Projectile Gun: Pneumatic powered projectile gun that fires foam pellets through the freshly cut hose to clean any rubber debris out of the hose so it is clean before it is put into use.

In addition to the hose crimping machinery, we also can provide the following accessories to help with crimping hydraulic hoses

  • Hose reel racks
  • Custom made benches for work shops
  • Hydraulic tube benders and flange machines
  • Metal Bins for inventory

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Bristol Hose & Fitting carries a large selection of Parker high, medium and low-pressure hose for just about any purpose. Whether you need a different material, different temperature, even a different color we have the right selection for your application.