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Parker Quick Coupling Products

Parker quick couplings provide a fast connection for fluid transfer lines. They replace threaded or flange fittings so no wrench or other tools are necessary. 

They can be used for a wide variety of applications in: 

We carry the following types of Parker Quick Connect Couplings.


  • General Purpose: Ideal for general purpose fluid applications that need a single or double valve. Comes in a wide variety of sizes and materials
  • Special Purpose: Double shut off and exhausting abilities, typically used in lubrication and dental equipment.


  • Hydraulic general purpose: Can be used across a wide variety of hydraulic applications. Ideal for vocational truck purposes or other low to medium pressure applications.
  • Hydraulic connect under pressure: Ideal for industrial applications that require high flow connections under pressure.
  • Hydraulic non-spill: Ideal for preventing hydraulic oil spillage or also known as Flat Face Couplers, commonly found on bobcats or skid steers.
  • Hydraulic high pressure: Couplers that can be screwed together for use in applications like Hydraulic Breakers that are high impulse and high vibration along with high pressure.


  • Diagnostic test port: Provide easy connection for mechanical gauges and specialized diagnostic equipment.
  • Sensonode: Bluetooth capable diagnostic equipment that can be used with a Parker App to monitor all your equipment.

Check Valves:

  • Unidirectional flow control devices used primarily in hydraulic systems to eliminate potential damage caused by fluid back pressure.

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