Industrial Hose & Couplings

Bristol Hose and Fitting stocks industrial hose for the following applications: compressed air, water discharge/suction, petroleum transfer, and chemical transfer. We can crimp up to 6” diameter assemblies with a wide array of couplings consisting of materials including aluminum, steel, stainless steel and polypropylene. We supply Parker, Texcel, Nova Flex, Jason, Dixon, and PT Couplings.

7092/7093 Parker GST Hose:

General purpose air water hose ¼ inch to 2”

7114 Paker Fuel Transfer Hose

General purpose diesel/gasoline curb pump hose

7181 Parker Heater Hose

Coolant, hot water and mild chemical compatible for industrial or vehicle cooling systems.

7219/7395 Parker E-Z Form Hose

Oil/Coolant hose with unique Greek corrugations to allow hose to bend in tight places and give it superior kink resistance.

3076 Jason Heavy Duty PVC Water Transfer Hose

4601 Jason Green PVC Water Discharge Hose

3081 Jason Golden Black Septic Tank Suction Hose

4433 Jason UHMWPE Chemical Transfer hose

SPVC-PB Texcel Blue Layflat Hose

Texcel Mill Discharge Hose

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Bristol Hose & Fitting carries a large selection of Parker high, medium and low-pressure hose for just about any purpose. Whether you need a different material, different temperature, even a different color we have the right selection for your application.