Compress Natural Gas

BHF is a CSA Certified Factory Authorized CNG high pressure hose assembler that specializes in supporting the CNG vehicle fueling market. Our specialty is building custom CNG Twinline Hose assemblies with quick turnaround times. We stock large quantities of CNG single line and twin line hose along with a large selection of Parker O-Ring Face Seal and A-LOK adapters, and Snap-tite breakaways and nozzles. BHF can do everything from making custom tube fabrications to designing and building time fill poles with our integrated manifold and installing the time fill poles in the field.

Parker CNG Hose Assemblies- CSA Factory Authorized Assembler

  • CNG Dispenser/Refueling Twin Line Hose Assemblies
  • Low Pressure 23CG Hose Assemblies for Vehicle Use
  • Large ¾ and 1 inch Hose Assemblies for Fuel Transfer
  • Up to 2 inch Low Pressure Natural Gas Hose Assemblies for Service Delivery Needs


Weather you need a replacement cartridge for your coalescing filters, Break-aways for your time fills, or compression fittings we can supply them with avoiding long lead times. We offer brands such as, Oasis, Xebec, Parker, and OPW.

In order to better meet your needs were are stocking most common NGV1 dispensing components. Whether it is break aways, nozzles, receptacles or hose retractors; they are available. In addition to dispensing components, stainless steel gas conveying components are also available. We feature made in USA connectors, valves, and tubing (coiled and stick).


No fabrication job is too big or small. 

We are capable of taking your drawing and turning it into a reality in a short amount of time. 

With experience in making time fill polls (single, dual, quad style) specific to your requirements (height, mounting style, color etc.), coalescing filter stands, and other fueling site needs.


Time fills can be a big part of any CNG infrastructure project. Let us help you with supplying a quality, uniform and serviceable unit for your next project. We have short lead times and can produce virtually any design you have in mind.

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Bristol Hose & Fitting carries a large selection of Parker high, medium and low-pressure hose for just about any purpose. Whether you need a different material, different temperature, even a different color we have the right selection for your application.