Parflex Thermoplastic

Parker Paraflex Thermoplastic Products

For more extreme applications where rubber hose won’t be sufficient, Thermoplastic and PTFE hose and tubing from Parker’s Parflex division are readily available. Weather your application is temperature sensitive, needs to be nonconductive, or is for high pressure compressed natural gas, Parflex has a hose or tube that will handle your specific application. End configurations such as JIC, DIN, SEAL LOK, BSPP are all available in one piece crimp fittings.


563 Tough Jacket Hose

3000 PSI Constant Pressure across all sizes and 42% lighter than conventional rubber hydraulic hoses. Perfect for mobile equipment and fork lifts that requires over-the-sheave type hoses.

518D Non Conductive Hose

Orange in color for its nonconductive rating. Commonly used in utility trucks or tree trimming trucks that work around open power sources. This hose is also available in twin bonded type construction.

919 PTFE Hose

For temperatures up to 450 degrees and for handling a wide range of chemicals.


Compressed natural gas hose that is rated up to 5000 psi for CNG applications. This hose is available in many different sizes and twin boding.

1120 DOT Air Brake Tubing

Provides excellent kink resistance for tight routings. This means reduced, and or, eliminated kinked lines resulting in less rework at installation.

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